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Using our proven LinkedIn lead generation strategy, we'll get you 3 - 5 sales qualified meetings every week with businesses in New Jersey and beyond.

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Our LinkedIn lead generations strategies and campaigns have already helped our clients who are in the New Jersey area generate leads at:

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Boost your New Jersey-attributed sales using our tried-and-tested B2B LinkedIn lead generation strategy that delivers results

In today's competitive business world in New Jersey, relying on outdated methods that don't guarantee consistent LinkedIn lead generation results can be detrimental to your growth. We do the heavy lifting so you focus on closing deals.

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We'll target the right prospects

We’ll identify which segment of your target market and decision-makers is worth going after. We’ll then manually build a prospect list that factor in intent and psychographic data so that our campaign is spot on.

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We'll create compelling offers

We’ll determine what’s our ICPs’ pain points, what emotions each of the pain points triggers, and how this is key to the success of their job. We’ll then craft an offer that fits, and they can’t say no to.

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We'll set meetings and close deals

With the perfect offer in place, we'll schedule sales calls with potential clients, add them to your CRM, and let you excel in your area of expertise: showcasing your business as the top choice.

Want a more in-depth look into our LinkedIn lead generation process? Here are some of our outbound LinkedIn lead gen case studies...

These LinkedIn lead generation case studies go through our approach and how it applies to some of our clients.

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Event Email Marketing: How We Helped a Service-Based Business Generate 1200+ Event Attendees In One Week

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Executive Email: 5 Ways We Write Cold Emails That Get CMOs’ Attention

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How does our B2B LinkedIn lead generation agency in New Jersey work?

Subscribing to our New Jersey LinkedIn lead gen services is pretty straightforward. See it for yourself 👀.

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1 Choose a subscription and pay

our email marketing and sales funnel is on point and gets you ideal clients

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our email marketing and sales funnel is on point and gets you ideal clients

3 Campaign launch

our sales funnel and email marketing is focused on personalized messages and generating leads for your sales team

4 Get results

Choose a B2B appointment setting plan that's right for you.

Each of our plans runs in a 1-month cycle and comes with a money-back guarantee.

See what our customers who are in New Jersey say about us...

Great LinkedIn lead gen campaign is 30% nailing the connection request, 30% targeting the right decision makers, 40% understanding the target audience and their pain points. Our customers, who are in the New Jersey area like yourself, love that we tick these boxes.

Mackenzi's testimonial for Nerdy Joe, e-commerce marketing agency

Mackenzi Leinder

Director of Sales at MindFire, Inc.

The copy Ernest writes is engaging, creative, relevant, timely, amazing at eliciting response and motivation of action, the list goes on. Beyond the work he produces, Ernest is a pleasure to work with! He's kind, a team player, full of ideas, and an asset to the team.

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Irina Maltseva

Head of Marketing at

Ernest is a very talented writer and online marketer. While working on the content for Hunter, I was amazed at how easily Ernest explains complex things, illustrating them with examples based on his diversified experience. It's always a pleasure to work with him.

What the FAQ

Have a question in mind about our New Jersey LinkedIn lead generation agency but can't see it listed? Chill, just click on the "Check all FAQ" button, and you're all covered.

0 - What is LinkedIn lead generation?

LinkedIn lead generation is the process of finding, connecting with, and closing potential business prospects using LinkedIn. In order to generate sales leads or business prospects, it entails searching for and engaging with possible clients or consumers on LinkedIn.

1 - How much do LinkedIn lead generation agencies specialized in New Jersey charge?

Various factors, including your specific campaign goals, your target demographic, your anticipated outcomes, and your sector, might affect the price of LinkedIn lead generating services. Additionally, it would be challenging to locate a lead generation business that posts its prices online. 

While some firms operate on a fixed pricing schedule, others may bill clients according to the quantity of leads generated, the length of the campaign, or the level of continuous support required. 

Additionally, businesses that offer LinkedIn lead generation services frequently demand a minimum project size or commitment duration, which may involve up-front investment costs. 

According to our experience, depending on the business you partner with, the reputation of your own firm, and the outcomes promised, LinkedIn lead generation service cost might range from less than $1,000 to more than $50,000 each month.

When you employ a lead generation service, your primary goals should be to generate leads, fill your sales funnel, and set up meetings or sales opportunities with truly interested prospects. At Nerdy Joe, we comprehend this.

We value pricing transparency because of this. We provide three straightforward monthly packages at fixed rates that are tailored to the particular market characteristics of New Jersey. 

You receive 2 sales-qualified leads for $499. You get 6 sales-qualified leads for $999. We also offer 15 sales-qualified leads for $1,999. 

2 - Do you provide New Jersey-specific lead data when doing LinkedIn lead generation?

Certainly. Nerdy Joe doesn't construct lengthy lists of people to begin spamming them using client data or data intelligence products. That’s not our lead generation process.

We take on the crucial process of locating your ideal client. In order to clearly grasp your target audience and why they are the ideal buyers for your product or service, you must first ask them some challenging questions.

Then, if New Jersey is your region of interest, we carry out a thorough research to identify possible leads inside your target market. 

After that, we launch a tailored outreach effort to entice and draw in these leads with the ultimate aim of expanding your business potential.

3 - How does your LinkedIn lead generation process allow you to be compliant with international data privacy laws?

International data privacy rules, such as the GDPR and CCPA, are strictly enforced by Nerdy Joe. We've made sure that the way personal data is handled is morally and securely by designing our LinkedIn lead generation process to be totally compliant with these regulations.

4 - What are the best LinkedIn lead generation agencies in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, there are numerous skilled LinkedIn lead generation companies. Among the notable ones are:

  • Nerdy Joe
  • LocalAd Connection
  • iDig Digital
  • AØC - Digital Marketing Agency
  • Osborne Digital Marketing
  • E2Marketing
  • MileMark Media, LLC

While some of the lead generation companies may not be located in New Jersey, they have the personnel and knowledge needed to fully grasp your goals and produce exceptional results.

5 - What is a LinkedIn lead generation agency, and why do I need one for my New Jersey business?

A LinkedIn lead generation company helps companies connect with potential customers on LinkedIn through B2B outreach campaigns

LinkedIn is a fantastic networking and connection platform where you may get in touch with many B2B professionals. Additionally, there are several business and sales prospects there. 

A LinkedIn lead generation agency can assist you in exploiting this vast professional network to find new consumers, develop a tailored outreach campaign to connect with them, and finally convert them into paying clients for your company.

6 - How do you get New Jersey-based qualified leads with LinkedIn?

Regardless of the setting, good B2B lead generation depends on knowing your target demographic and developing an ideal customer profile that supports your company's goals. 

Learning in-depth information about your product, the particular people it serves, and the factors that lead to their need for it are all part of the process.

Therefore, if New Jersey is your target market, we will carry out in-depth research to locate the pertinent LinkedIn users and create a bespoke campaign designed to pique their interest and turn them into clients for your company.

7 - How do I start a LinkedIn lead generation campaign?

Nerdy Joe makes it easy to launch a campaign to get LinkedIn leads. Pick a plan based on your needs and financial situation.

We'll instantly create a project for you on Basecamp as soon as you join up. You'll be automatically added to the project. After that, we'll have a session to onboard you in which we'll talk about important topics including your target market and ideal customer profile (ICP). 

We'll also need your LinkedIn login information so we can effectively run the campaign on your behalf. 

8 - How does Nerdy Joe work?

At Nerdy Joe, we think the best way to begin a collaboration is by learning everything there is to know about your company and the special features of your goods or services. This helps us to fully comprehend your unique needs and goals for LinkedIn lead creation.

To do this, we have in-depth conversations with you in order to get important insight into the unique demands and objectives of your company. By working together, we can better align our strategies and initiatives.

After thoroughly understanding your company, we perform extensive market research to identify your ICP and create a buyer persona. To gather insights that will guide our lead generation methods, this include evaluating your target market, industry trends, and competitor analysis.

In addition, we set up or improve your LinkedIn account to make sure it appropriately represents your business and attracts the interest of your target market. This could entail boosting your overall presence on the platform, optimizing your profile, and producing appealing content.

Our skilled staff builds individualized outreach messages with a strong foundation in mind that are suited to each member of your particular target audience. With the goal of cultivating connections that result in conversions, we place a high priority on establishing and maintaining relationships with prospective leads.

Our lead generation approach is focused on finding prospects in your target market on LinkedIn, forging meaningful connections with them, and gradually cultivating these ties. Our objective is to turn these prospects into devoted and important consumers for your company by using a thorough and individualized strategy.

9 - How long will it take to get results?

We test, analyze data, and adjust methods during the early phases of the lead generating campaign. 

This method enables us to identify the strategy that produces the best results. It's critical to realize that there are many variables that can affect how long it takes to produce meaningful results.

While some businesses will see results straight away, it might take a few weeks before you start to see any real changes. However, we want to reassure you that we are committed to providing results within the first month of your campaign, regardless of the timetable.

10 - How fast do you start working?

As soon as you join up with us, we instantly create a specific project in our Basecamp for your business and start talking about your goals, ICP, and other important campaign-related factors. 

After that, we will log in and ask for your LinkedIn account information to set the basis. After laying the groundwork, we begin experimenting with messaging and offers to identify tactics that are appealing to your target demographic.

11 - What is your LinkedIn lead generation process, and what makes you different?

To increase your chances of interacting with worthwhile prospects and turning them into customers, Nerdy Joe's LinkedIn lead generation method is created to optimize profiles, produce strategic content, and carry out focused outreach. 

Here is a brief synopsis:

  1. Market research: To learn more about your target market and your rivals, we perform extensive market research. With the aid of this research, we are better able to comprehend your market's dynamics and industry.
  2. ICP and buyer persona identification: To determine your ICP and develop a buyer profile, we collaborate with you. This guarantees that the people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service will get our outreach efforts that are carefully targeted and customised.
  3. Lead identification: We find and uncover possible leads within your specified target market on LinkedIn by utilizing our knowledge and cutting-edge techniques. To locate people that fit your ICP and buyer profile, we employ a variety of filters, search criteria, and data analysis methods.
  4. Personalized outreach: We create customized outreach messages that speak to each member of your target group on a personal level. Our messages are created to grab readers' attention, pique their curiosity, and increase engagement. We place a high value on developing trusting relationships and rapport with prospective prospects.
  5. Consistent engagement: We place a high premium on establishing and maintaining relationships with prospective leads. We communicate with them frequently, gradually building credibility and confidence. Through constant communication and participation, we hope to build genuine relationships and offer value.

We seek to increase your chances of engaging with worthwhile leads and turning them into customers for your business by employing this thorough procedure. 

You can read more about our full process here: Why We Set Out To Be The Best Cold Email Agency.

12 - How to hire a LinkedIn lead generation agency?

When choosing a lead generating agency, it's best to get in touch with a few and pay attention to what they have to say. Consider their experience, track record, and other factors. 

When making a selection, it's crucial to take your objectives and financial situation into account. Along with these issues, you should inquire about the quantity, price, caliber, and ease of conversion of leads into customers. 

You are welcome to speak with any of us at our agency as well: Speak with Nerdy Joe. We are available to answer any questions you may have and give you the details you need to make an informed decision.

13 - Why should I hire a New Jersey-specific LinkedIn lead generation agency?

Working with a LinkedIn lead generating company that focuses on the New Jersey area gives you access to a team that is knowledgeable about the specific market characteristics. This knowledge greatly improves your chances of obtaining relevant, high-quality leads for your company.

It's important to remember that not all of the businesses you deal with will have their headquarters in New Jersey, and some might not even be in the country. Regardless of where they are physically located, the agency's expertise and ability to perform in your target market is what matters most.

We at Nerdy Joe are able to precisely identify the people we need to interact with on your behalf because of our comprehensive ICP and lead research methods. We place a high priority on thoroughly comprehending your offers and adjusting our techniques to successfully connect with your target audience.

Regardless of the industry we are aiming for, our strategy centers on getting to know your company really well and pinpointing the precise people we need to interact with. Regardless of the market we are operating in, this targeted strategy enables us to continuously produce exceptional results for our clients.

14 - Why is Nerdy Joe the best LinkedIn lead generation agency?

One of our main points of distinction is our dedication to upholding a controlled campaign volume. We recognize how crucial it is to strike a balance between maximizing impact and not alienating your target demographic. 

Unlike other businesses, we spend a lot of time and energy learning as much as we can about your ICP rather than bombarding them with generic messaging. This in-depth understanding enables us to gain priceless insights about your target audience, allowing us to precisely customize our efforts. 

We don't use templates or send out bulk emails. Instead, we create unique messages that connect more deeply with each listener. We can then guarantee the highest levels of engagement and conversion.

The distinctive value proposition of your brand can be beautifully communicated by our team of skilled copywriters. We generate genuine curiosity among prospects through skillful messaging, which ultimately leads to sales and creates sustainable business growth. 

This painstaking focus on detail and our steadfast dedication to excellence regularly produce a supply of top-quality leads that drive your business's explosive growth.

15 - What are LinkedIn InMail best practices?

To maximize the effectiveness of our LinkedIn InMail campaigns, we follow certain rules. These rules make sure that our messages are tailored, succinct, and value-driven, which raises the possibility of favorable reactions. These are the main guidelines we adhere to:

  1. Personalization: We recognize the value of customizing each InMail we send. We show genuine interest in the receiver by addressing a specific aspect of their profile or body of work that struck our attention. This builds a stronger connection and increases the likelihood that the recipient will respond favorably.
  2. Clarity and conciseness: We believe in being direct and stating the goal of our outreach in straightforward terms. Long and excessively comprehensive communications that can discourage interaction are avoided. Instead, we create messages that are clear, succinct, and effective at delivering the most important information.
  3. Value proposition: We take care to express the value or advantage the recipient will receive from cooperating with us or taking into consideration our suggestion. We give people a compelling incentive to respond by emphasizing how our service can assist them in resolving issues, achieving their objectives, or gaining insightful knowledge.
  4. Clear call-to-action: We make sure that the subsequent actions are simple to comprehend and carry out. We provide them clear instructions on how to proceed whether we are asking for a meeting, seeking feedback, or inviting them to explore a resource.
  5. Professional tone: We keep our InMail communications in a polite, respectful, and courteous tone as we communicate with professionals on a professional platform. We refrain from speaking in an overly informal or casual manner and always preserve professionalism.
  6. Follow-up: In the unlikely case that we don't hear back right away, we follow up politely after some time has passed. This subtly reminded person is drawn back in and the likelihood of a reaction rises.

By following these rules, we make sure that our LinkedIn InMail campaigns are successful, significant, and courteous, boosting engagement and creating deep connections with potential customers.

16 - Do I need to have a LinkedIn Premium account for lead generation?

It's not required. You don't need it. But Nerdy Joe, we are aware of the depth of lead investigation and consumer comprehension needed to create engaging InMail messages that genuinely hold readers' attention. 

Using LinkedIn Premium provides extra tools and capabilities that might give your lead generating operations new perspectives. 

In addition to helping you reach out to people outside of your network, Premium accounts give you access to more powerful search filters that let you focus your search and target particular markets, occupations, places, and more. With this degree of specificity, you can be sure that your outreach is highly targeted and reaches the right people.

In addition, premium users have access to more in-depth profile data, including the ability to see who has seen their profile and more analytics. These insights offer insightful data that can guide your strategy and assist you in customizing your messaging to more effectively connect with prospective leads.

The availability of additional InMail allotments is one of the main benefits of a LinkedIn Premium account. This increases your ability to connect with more people, increasing the likelihood that you will succeed. You may interact with a wider range of prospects and improve your chances of making valuable connections if you have access to more InMails.

17 - How do I automate LinkedIn lead generation?

Automation of LinkedIn lead generation is possible with a number of technologies and services. While it is true that LinkedIn lead generation may be automated utilizing a variety of tools and services, we think that in order to achieve optimal audience engagement, automation and personalisation should be carefully balanced. 

We recognize the benefits of personalisation and know that sincere interaction with prospective leads improves conversion rates and builds stronger bonds. When you work with us, you'll be given an account manager who is committed to handling every aspect of your lead generation campaign by hand. 

By adding a personal touch, we are able to customize our strategy to your company's needs and the needs of your target market, making each connection sincere, real, and highly individualized.

18 - What tools do you use for LinkedIn lead generation?

Sales Navigator and native LinkedIn Premium capabilities. With this set of resources, we have all we require to effectively execute focused outreach, conduct profile research, write fantastic messages, and monitor interaction.

19 - How do you identify my ideal customer on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, we carefully pinpoint who your ideal clients are. Everything begins with a cooperative approach in which we closely collaborate with you to define your ICP and create a thorough buyer persona. Understanding the precise traits and preferences of your target audience is vital at this stage.

After that, we use a variety of techniques to conduct research and identify people who are in line with your ICP. We use LinkedIn's filters and advanced search features to focus our search and find prospects that fit your particular requirements.

We also make use of the strength of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which enables us to access a variety of insightful information and goes beyond the scope of standard LinkedIn searches.

20 - Can I send LinkedIn messages with a free account?

With a free LinkedIn account, you can send messages, but there are restrictions on the quantity of messages you may send and the recipients you can contact. You can send messages to your current contacts with a free account, but not InMails to those outside of your network.

A premium account is necessary if you wish to connect with people who are not already in your network. Sending connection requests to persons outside of your network is one of the extra capabilities and advantages offered by premium accounts.

21 - How successful are LinkedIn lead generation campaigns?

The relevancy of your target demographic, the force of your message, and the value proposition you are offering are just a few of the factors that determine the success of your LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. 

For the LinkedIn lead generation campaigns we carry out for our clients, our team guarantees strong engagement and remarkable conversions. A key element in this is having a product or service that genuinely fills a market need and exhibits product-market fit. 

Any outbound lead generation campaign's success is heavily dependent on product-market fit. Therefore, we might not be a good fit if you still haven't discovered your product-market fit. For the best outcomes, we work to match our efforts to your corporate objectives.

22 - How can I ensure recipients open and read my LinkedIn messages?

Although creating messages that are engaging and valuable is essential to grabbing your recipients' attention on LinkedIn, it's frequently insufficient, especially when cold messaging. 

Because of this, we take the time to fully comprehend your ICP and choose the appropriate LinkedIn profiles for each ICP. We ensure that our messages consistently engage the recipient and reel them in by conducting in-depth research on each lead and leveraging the data we gather to build tailored touch points inside our messages.

23 - Is LinkedIn lead generation more effective than cold calling?

Cold calling is frequently perceived as being intrusive and can turn people off, disrupting their daily routines and not fitting with their chosen contact styles. Instead, LinkedIn provides a more discrete, professional manner to engage with potential prospects inside their professional field, enhancing the value and relevance of your outreach.

24 - How do you measure the effectiveness of a LinkedIn lead generation campaign?

Several KPIs, including the quantity and quality of leads created and the conversion rate, are used to evaluate the performance of our LinkedIn lead generation operations.

We want to fully comprehend your unique goals and what you regard to be a significant victory for your company from the outset. Reaching the predetermined lead target, in our opinion, is a key sign of whether or not your LinkedIn lead generation campaign was successful.

We consider the nature of your business and your target market while teaming with you in order to determine success. The number of people who sign up for your product, the number of accountants who request demos, and the number of people interested in discussing sales or closing deals are key metrics if you're selling software to accountants, for example. That's how we measure the success of a campaign.

While useful for identifying areas for improvement or directing our subsequent actions, reply rates and open rates do not offer a comprehensive picture of the campaign's overall success. 

Unfortunately, many LinkedIn lead generating companies heavily emphasize these metrics when delivering results, which may not accurately depict the campaign's effects on your company.

25 - Do I need to outsource my LinkedIn lead generation?

Although you have the option of managing your LinkedIn lead creation yourself, hiring a specialized firm like Nerdy Joe can offer several advantages and produce better outcomes. Aside from the extensive knowledge and creative flair they may offer, agencies can also be a huge help.

According to recent data, sales professionals spend a significant amount of time contacting potential customers and conducting research. They now have just 12% of their time left over to have meaningful conversations and close business.

Lead generation companies can be helpful in this situation. We assume these obligations by handling your LinkedIn lead creation tasks instead of you. Our specialist knowledge and experience enable us to quickly locate and establish connections with new customers, freeing up the time and resources of your sales staff.

This not only saves the time and effort of your team, but it also guarantees that your lead generating efforts are carried out precisely and successfully. The sales team also has the chance to increase productivity and concentrate on their strongest areas, direct selling and deal closure.

26 - How do I increase my LinkedIn lead generation response rate?

A LinkedIn lead generation campaign may experience a lower response rate than anticipated for a variety of reasons. Investigating and addressing these issues is essential to improving the campaign's effectiveness as a whole.

These elements can include choosing the wrong target market, creating a weaker profile, using ineffective messaging, catering to the audience's interests, or making less alluring offerings.

At Nerdy Joe, we take a futuristic stance to address these issues right away. To determine what resonates with your target demographic, we run A/B tests on a range of offers and message approaches. This gives us the opportunity to refine our strategies and optimize the campaign for better results.

In addition, we look into alternative platforms to contact your target demographic, realizing that LinkedIn may not be their only option for doing business.

In the end, our main goal is to create a go-to-market strategy that is specifically designed for your company and your target market.