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Using our proven LinkedIn lead generation strategy, we'll get you 3 - 5 sales qualified meetings every week with businesses in Fort Lauderdale and beyond.

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Our LinkedIn lead generations strategies and campaigns have already helped our clients who are in the Fort Lauderdale area generate leads at:

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Maximize your B2B sales in Fort Lauderdale using our proven LinkedIn lead generation approach that delivers results

Fort Lauderdale businesses can benefit from our customized LinkedIn lead generation approach, as we leverage insights from previous campaigns to optimize results and prevent common mistakes.

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We'll identify your ideal prospects

We'll determine the most valuable segment of your target audience and decision-makers. Our team will then manually compile a prospect list, incorporating intent and psychographic data to ensure our lead generation campaigns hit the mark.

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We'll craft irresistible offers

We’ll determine what’s our ICPs’ pain points, what emotions each of the pain points triggers, and how this is key to the success of their job. We’ll then craft an offer that fits, and they can’t say no to.

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We'll book meetings and close them

Once the offer resonates with your potential customers, we’ll then book a sales call with them, add them to your CRM, and you’ll do what you know best, which is convince them that you’re the ONE.

Want a more in-depth look into our LinkedIn lead generation process? Here are some of our outbound LinkedIn lead gen case studies...

These LinkedIn lead generation case studies go through our approach and how it applies to some of our clients.

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Event Email Marketing: How We Helped a Service-Based Business Generate 1200+ Event Attendees In One Week

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Executive Email: 5 Ways We Write Cold Emails That Get CMOs’ Attention

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How does our B2B LinkedIn lead generation agency in Fort Lauderdale work?

Subscribing to our Fort Lauderdale LinkedIn lead gen services is pretty straightforward. See it for yourself 👀.

high quality leads and more leads from ideal prospects

1 Choose a subscription and pay

our email marketing and sales funnel is on point and gets you ideal clients

2 Get a Basecamp invite

our email marketing and sales funnel is on point and gets you ideal clients

3 Campaign launch

our sales funnel and email marketing is focused on personalized messages and generating leads for your sales team

4 Get results

Choose a B2B appointment setting plan that's right for you.

Each of our plans runs in a 1-month cycle and comes with a money-back guarantee.

See what our customers who are in Fort Lauderdale say about us...

Great LinkedIn lead gen campaign is 30% nailing the connection request, 30% targeting the right decision makers, 40% understanding the target audience and their pain points. Our customers, who are in the Fort Lauderdale area like yourself, love that we tick these boxes.

Mackenzi's testimonial for Nerdy Joe, e-commerce marketing agency

Mackenzi Leinder

Director of Sales at MindFire, Inc.

The copy Ernest writes is engaging, creative, relevant, timely, amazing at eliciting response and motivation of action, the list goes on. Beyond the work he produces, Ernest is a pleasure to work with! He's kind, a team player, full of ideas, and an asset to the team.

Irina's testimonial for Nerdy Joe, e-commerce marketing agency

Irina Maltseva

Head of Marketing at

Ernest is a very talented writer and online marketer. While working on the content for Hunter, I was amazed at how easily Ernest explains complex things, illustrating them with examples based on his diversified experience. It's always a pleasure to work with him.

What the FAQ

Have a question in mind about our Fort Lauderdale LinkedIn lead generation agency but can't see it listed? Chill, just click on the "Check all FAQ" button, and you're all covered.

0 - What is LinkedIn lead generation?

LinkedIn lead generation is the process of using LinkedIn to discover, engage, and close potential business leads. It involves seeking and connecting with potential clients or customers on LinkedIn with the objective of generating sales leads or business opportunities.

1 - How much do LinkedIn lead generation agencies specialized in Fort Lauderdale charge?

The cost of LinkedIn lead generation services can fluctuate depending on your particular campaign needs, target audience, projected results, industry, among other factors. It’ll also be hard to find a lead generation company that displays its pricing online. 

Some agencies operate with a fixed fee structure, whereas others might charge based on the number of leads generated, the duration of the campaign, or the level of ongoing support necessary. 

Also, companies providing LinkedIn lead gen services often require a minimum commitment period or project size which may involve upfront investment fees. 

From our experience, the cost can range from less than $1,000 to upwards of $50,000 per month, subject to the company you collaborate with, your own company's reputation and promised results.

At Nerdy Joe, we understand that when you hire a lead generation service, your main focus is to obtain leads, fill your sales pipeline, and secure meetings or sales opportunities with genuinely interested prospects.

That’s why we value transparency in pricing. We offer three simple monthly packages at set prices, specifically designed to cater to the unique market dynamics of Fort Lauderdale. 

For $499, you get 2 sales-qualified leads. For $999, you receive 6 sales-qualified leads. And for $1,999, we provide 15 sales-qualified leads. 

2 - Do you provide Fort Lauderdale-specific lead data when doing LinkedIn lead generation?

Certainly. Nerdy Joe doesn't use client data or rely on data intelligence tools to compile long lists of individuals to start spamming them. 

We take up the important task of identifying your ideal customer. This involves asking you thought-provoking questions to gain a clear understanding of your target audience and why they are the perfect customers for your product or service.

Following this, we conduct a detailed investigation to locate potential leads within your target market, focusing especially on Fort Lauderdale if that's your area of interest. 

We then initiate a customized outreach campaign designed to captivate and attract these leads, with the ultimate goal of increasing business opportunities for you.

3 - How does your LinkedIn lead generation process allow you to be compliant with international data privacy laws?

Nerdy Joe is a stickler for international data privacy laws, including GDPR and CCPA. We've designed our LinkedIn lead generation process to be fully compliant with these laws, ensuring that personal data is treated ethically and securely.

4 - What are the best LinkedIn lead generation agencies in Fort Lauderdale?

There are several proficient LinkedIn lead generation agencies in Fort Lauderdale. Some of the notable ones include:

  • Nerdy Joe
  • LocalAd Connection
  • iDig Digital
  • AØC - Digital Marketing Agency
  • Osborne Digital Marketing
  • E2Marketing
  • MileMark Media, LLC

While some may not be Fort Lauderdale-based, they have the required team and expertise to comprehend your needs and deliver excellent results.

5 - What is a LinkedIn lead generation agency, and why do I need one for my Fort Lauderdale business?

A LinkedIn lead generation agency assists businesses in creating connections with potential clients through LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn provides an amazing platform where you can connect and network with a large number of B2B professionals. It's a great place to find business and sales opportunities too. 

A LinkedIn lead generation agency can help you in utilizing this extensive network of professionals to identify potential buyers, create a personalized campaign to reach out to them, and ultimately convert them into customers for your business.

6 - How do you get Fort Lauderdale-based qualified leads with LinkedIn?

Regardless of the location, understanding your target audience and creating an ideal customer profile that aligns with your business objectives is key to successful lead generation. 

Part of it is also gaining in-depth knowledge about your product and the specific individuals it serves, as well as understanding the reasons behind their need for your product.

So, if Fort Lauderdale is your target market, we will conduct thorough research to identify the relevant individuals on LinkedIn and develop a customized campaign tailored to capture their interest and convert them into customers for your business.

7 - How do I start a LinkedIn lead generation campaign?

Getting started with Nerdy Joe for a LinkedIn lead generation campaign is simple. Choose the plan that fits your needs and budget.

Upon signing up, we'll automatically set up a project for you on Basecamp. You'll be added to the project automatically. Following that, we'll engage in a conversation to onboard you, while discussing crucial elements like your target audience and ideal customer profile (ICP). 

Also, we'll request your LinkedIn account credentials to enable us to efficiently execute the campaign on your behalf. 

8 - How does Nerdy Joe work?

At Nerdy Joe, we believe in starting our partnership by gaining a deep understanding of your business and the unique aspects of your product or service. This enables us to fully grasp your specific requirements and objectives when it comes to LinkedIn lead generation.

To achieve this, we engage in detailed discussions with you to gain valuable insight into your business's distinctive needs and goals. This collaborative approach helps us align our strategies and efforts accordingly.

Once we have a clear understanding of your business, we conduct thorough market research to identify your ICP and create a buyer persona. This involves analyzing your target market, industry trends, and competitor analysis to gain insights that will inform our lead generation strategies.

In parallel, we work on setting up or enhancing your LinkedIn account to ensure it accurately reflects your brand and captures the attention of your target audience. This may involve optimizing your profile, creating compelling content, and enhancing your overall presence on the platform.

With a solid foundation in place, our experienced team crafts personalized outreach messages that are tailored to resonate with each individual within your specific target audience. We prioritize building and nurturing relationships with potential leads, ensuring consistent engagement and fostering connections that lead to conversions.

Our lead generation process is centered around identifying leads within your target market on LinkedIn, establishing meaningful connections with them, and nurturing these relationships over time. By taking a comprehensive and personalized approach, our goal is to convert these prospects into loyal and valuable customers for your business.

9 - How long will it take to get results?

For us, the initial stages of the lead generation campaign involve testing, analyzing data, and fine-tuning strategies. 

This process allows us to find the most effective approach that generates results. It's important to understand that the timeframe for achieving tangible outcomes can vary significantly due to several factors.

While certain companies will get results right from the beginning, you might have to wait a few weeks to see substantial outcomes. But, regardless of the timeline, we want to assure you that we are committed to delivering results within the first month of your campaign.

10 - How fast do you start working?

Once you sign up with us, we immediately set up a dedicated project for your company in our Basecamp, and begin discussions to understand your goals, ICP, and other key aspects related to the campaign. 

Following that, we will request your LinkedIn account details and log in to lay some groundwork. With the foundation laid, we start experimenting with messaging and offers to find strategies that resonate with your target audience.

11 - What is your LinkedIn lead generation process, and what makes you different?

At Nerdy Joe, our LinkedIn lead generation process is designed to optimize profiles, create strategic content, and conduct targeted outreach to maximize your chances of connecting with valuable leads and converting them into customers. 

Here's a concise summary:

  1. Market research: We conduct thorough market research to gain insights into your target market and understand your competitors. This research helps us develop a solid understanding of your industry and the dynamics of your market.
  2. ICP and buyer persona identification: We work with you to identify your ICP and create a buyer persona. This ensures that our outreach efforts are precisely targeted and tailored to reach the right individuals who are most likely to be interested in your product or service.
  3. Lead identification: Leveraging our expertise and advanced tools, we identify and locate potential leads within your specific target market on LinkedIn. We use various filters, search parameters, and data analysis techniques to find individuals who align with your ICP and buyer persona.
  4. Personalized outreach: We craft personalized outreach messages that are tailored to resonate with each individual in your target audience. Our messages are designed to hook the readers, spark their interest, and maximize engagement. We prioritize building genuine connections and establishing rapport with potential leads.
  5. Consistent engagement: Building and nurturing relationships with potential leads is a priority for us. We engage with them consistently, fostering trust and credibility over time. Our goal is to establish meaningful connections and provide value through ongoing communication and engagement.

By following this comprehensive process, we aim to maximize your chances of connecting with valuable leads and converting them into customers for your business. 

You can read more about our full process here.

12 - How to hire a LinkedIn lead generation agency?

The ideal approach to hiring a lead generation agency is to connect with a few companies and listen to what they offer and promise. You should consider their expertise, track record, and more. 

It’s also  important to consider your goals and budget when making your decision. You should also ask questions regarding the number of leads, the associated costs, the quality of the leads, and how easily you can convert them into clients. 

We encourage you to have a conversation with us here at our agency as well. We are here to address any inquiries you may have and provide you with the necessary information to make a confident choice.

13 - Why should I hire a Fort Lauderdale-specific LinkedIn lead generation agency?

Working with a LinkedIn lead generation agency that specializes in the Fort Lauderdale market offers the benefit of a team that understands the unique dynamics of the market. This expertise significantly increases your chances of capturing high-quality leads that are relevant to your business.

It's essential to note that not all companies you encounter will be based in Fort Lauderdale, and some may not even be located in the United States. What truly matters is the agency's talent and capabilities to succeed in your target market, regardless of their physical location.

At Nerdy Joe, our meticulous ICP and lead research processes enable us to identify precisely the individuals we need to engage with on your behalf. We prioritize gaining a deep understanding of your offerings and tailoring our strategies to effectively connect with your target audience.

Regardless of the market we are targeting, our approach revolves around developing a comprehensive understanding of your business and identifying the specific individuals we need to engage with. This focused approach allows us to consistently deliver excellent outcomes for our clients, regardless of the market we are operating in.

14 - Why is Nerdy Joe the best LinkedIn lead generation agency?

One of our key differentiators lies in our commitment to maintaining a controlled campaign volume. We understand the importance of striking a balance that maximizes impact without overwhelming your target audience. 

Unlike other companies that inundate prospects with generic messages, we invest significant time and effort in gaining a profound understanding of your ICP. This in-depth knowledge allows us to acquire invaluable insights into your target audience, enabling us to tailor our efforts with precision. 

We don't rely on templates or send mass messages. Instead, we craft personalized messages that resonate with each recipient on a deeper level. By doing so, we ensure optimal engagement and conversion rates.

Our team of expert copywriters possesses the unique ability to artfully convey your brand's unique value proposition. Through skillful messaging, we spark genuine interest among prospects, ultimately driving sales and generating sustainable business growth. 

This meticulous attention to detail and our unwavering commitment to excellence consistently deliver a stream of high-quality leads that fuel your company's exponential success.

15 - What are LinkedIn InMail best practices?

We adhere to specific guidelines to optimize our LinkedIn InMail efforts. These guidelines ensure that our messages are personalized, concise, and value-driven, increasing the likelihood of positive responses. Here are the key principles we follow:

  1. Personalization: We understand the importance of personalizing each InMail we send. By mentioning something specific about the recipient's profile or work that caught our attention, we demonstrate genuine interest, fostering a stronger connection and increasing the chances of a positive response.
  2. Clarity and conciseness: We believe in clearly communicating the purpose of our outreach and getting to the point quickly. We avoid lengthy and overly detailed messages that can deter engagement. Instead, we craft concise and focused messages that convey the key information effectively.
  3. Value proposition: We make sure to clearly articulate the value or benefit the recipient will gain from engaging with us or considering our proposition. By highlighting how our offering can help them solve problems, achieve goals, or provide valuable insights, we create a compelling reason for them to respond.
  4. Clear call-to-action: We ensure that the next steps are easy to understand and follow. Whether we are requesting a meeting, seeking feedback, or inviting them to explore a resource, we provide clear instructions on how to proceed.
  5. Professional tone: As we reach out to professionals on a professional platform, we maintain a polite, respectful, and courteous tone in our InMail messages. We avoid using overly casual or informal language, maintaining professionalism at all times.
  6. Follow-up: In the event of not receiving an initial response, we send a polite follow-up message after a reasonable interval. This gentle reminder helps re-engage the recipient and increases the chances of a response.

By adhering to these guidelines, we ensure that our LinkedIn InMail efforts are effective, impactful, and respectful, driving engagement and fostering meaningful connections with potential prospects.

16 - Do I need to have a LinkedIn Premium account for lead generation?

It’s not mandatory. You can do without it. But Nerdy Joe, we understand the level of lead research and customer understanding required to craft compelling InMail messages that truly capture the attention of recipients. 

Using LinkedIn Premium offers additional features and functionality that can bring unique angles to your lead generation efforts. For instance, Premium accounts provide access to more robust search filters, allowing you to narrow down your search criteria and target specific industries, job titles, locations, and more. This level of precision ensures that your outreach is highly targeted and reaches the most relevant audience.

Moreover, premium members gain access to more extensive profile insights, such as identifying who has viewed their profile and accessing additional analytics. These insights provide valuable information that can inform your approach and help you tailor your messages to better resonate with potential leads.

One of the key advantages of a LinkedIn Premium account is the availability of extra InMail allocations. This means that you have a greater capacity to reach out to a larger number of individuals, maximizing your chances for success. With more InMails at your disposal, you can engage with a broader range of prospects and increase your opportunities for meaningful connections.

17 - How do I automate LinkedIn lead generation?

LinkedIn lead generation can be automated using various tools and services. While it is true that LinkedIn lead generation can be automated using various tools and services, we believe in striking a delicate balance between automation and personalization to ensure effective audience engagement. 

We value the power of personalization and understand that genuine engagement with potential leads leads to better conversion rates and stronger relationships. When you partner with us, you'll be assigned a dedicated account manager who takes the time and effort to handle every aspect of your lead generation campaign manually. 

This personal touch allows us to tailor our approach specifically to your business and target audience, ensuring that each interaction is genuine, authentic, and highly personalized.

18 - What tools do you use for LinkedIn lead generation?

LinkedIn Premium’s native features and Sales Navigator. With this combination, we have all the tools we need to research profiles, create great messages, track engagement, and conduct targeted outreach effectively.

19 - How do you identify my ideal customer on LinkedIn?

We take a meticulous approach to identify your ideal customers on LinkedIn. It all starts with a collaborative process where we work closely with you to define your ICP and develop a detailed buyer persona. This step is crucial in understanding the specific characteristics and preferences of your target audience.

After this, we employ various methods to conduct research and find individuals who align with your ICP. We utilize filters and advanced search capabilities on LinkedIn to narrow down our search and identify prospects who meet your specific criteria.

We also leverage the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and it allows us to go beyond basic LinkedIn searches and tap into a wealth of valuable data and insights.

20 - Can I send LinkedIn messages with a free account?

While it is possible to send messages with a free LinkedIn account, there are limitations on the number of messages you can send and the recipients you can reach. With a free account, you can send messages to your existing connections but not InMails to individuals who are not in your network.

If you want to reach out to individuals who are not part of your existing connections, having a premium account is essential. Premium accounts provide additional features and benefits, including the ability to send connection requests to people outside of your network.

21 - How successful are LinkedIn lead generation campaigns?

The success of LinkedIn lead generation campaigns hinges on a variety of elements like the relevance of your target demographic, the potency of your message, and the value proposition on offer. 

Our team promises robust engagement and impressive conversions for LinkedIn lead gen campaigns we conduct for our clients. Having a product or service that truly answers a real need and displays product-market fit is a vital factor here. 

Product-market fit plays a key role in the success of any outbound lead gen campaign. So, if you still haven’t found your product-market fit, we may not be a fit. We strive to align our efforts to your business goals for optimal results.

22 - How can I ensure recipients open and read my LinkedIn messages?

Although crafting appealing and value-rich messages is vital to grab your recipients' attention on LinkedIn, that's often insufficient, particularly with cold messaging. 

That's why we dig deep to truly understand your ICP and find the right LinkedIn accounts for each ICP. By performing exhaustive research on each lead and using the data we collect to create personalized touch points within our messages, we make sure our messages consistently engage the recipient and reel them in.

23 - Is LinkedIn lead generation more effective than cold calling?

Cold calling is often viewed as intrusive and can put off individuals, disturbing their day-to-day activities and not aligning with their preferred communication methods. On the contrary, LinkedIn offers a more professional, less intrusive way to connect with potential leads within their professional domain, making your outreach more relevant and substantial.

24 - How do you measure the effectiveness of a LinkedIn lead generation campaign?

We gauge the success of our LinkedIn lead generation initiatives through several KPIs, such as the quantity and quality of the leads generated and the rate of conversion.

From the outset, it's important to us to thoroughly understand your distinct objectives and what you deem as a considerable win for your business. We're of the firm belief that reaching the agreed-upon lead target is a primary indicator of the triumph or failure of your LinkedIn lead gen campaign.

When partnering with you, we take into account the nature of your enterprise and target audience to assess success. If you're selling a software product to accountants, for instance, key metrics are the number of sign-ups for your product, the number of demo requests from accountants, and the count of individuals keen on discussing sales or striking deals — that's our approach to evaluating the campaign's effectiveness.

Reply rates and open rates, while beneficial for pinpointing areas of enhancement or guiding our subsequent actions, don't provide a holistic view of the campaign's overall success. 

Sadly, a lot of LinkedIn lead generation firms focus predominantly on these metrics when presenting results, which might not truthfully illustrate the campaign's impact on your business.

25 - Do I need to outsource my LinkedIn lead generation?

While running your LinkedIn lead generation internally is an option, assigning it to a professional agency like Nerdy Joe can furnish many benefits and yield superior results. Besides the profound knowledge and innovative flair agencies can deliver, they can also be a substantial support.

Recent data shows that sales representatives allocate a major portion of their time doing research and contacting potential clients. This leaves them with a mere 12% of their time for significant dialogues and sealing deals.

This is where lead generation agencies can be instrumental. By delegating your LinkedIn lead generation duties to experts like us, we take on these responsibilities. Our specialized skills and expertise equip us to adeptly identify and connect with potential clients, liberating your sales team's time and resources.

Not only does this preserve your team's time and energy, but it also ensures that your lead generation endeavors are carried out with accuracy and effectiveness. The sales team also gets the opportunity to enhance their productivity and focus on what they excel at: direct selling and closing deals.

26 - How do I increase my LinkedIn lead generation response rate?

A lower-than-expected response rate in a LinkedIn lead generation campaign can be dictated by multiple factors. It's crucial to investigate and remedy these factors to boost the campaign's overall performance.

These factors can range from targeting an inappropriate audience, a less compelling profile, ineffective messaging, audience preferences, or proposing less enticing offers.

At Nerdy Joe, we adopt a forward-thinking approach to tackle these challenges from the get-go. We perform A/B testing with various offers and styles of messaging to pinpoint what strikes a chord with your target audience. This enables us to polish our strategies and fine-tune the campaign for enhanced outcomes.

Additionally, we explore other channels to engage with your target audience, acknowledging that LinkedIn might not be their exclusive platform for business interactions.

Ultimately, our primary objective is to devise a go-to-market strategy that's perfectly tailored for your business and your particular target audience.