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We help companies in Toronto secure 3 - 5 sales meetings every week

Looking for a lead generation agency to get you meetings with potential clients in Toronto or beyond? Let the Nerdy Joe team, which has set over 1000 meetings in the last quarter, run your campaigns for you. We'll regularly add 3 - 5 meetings with qualified potential clients on your calendar every week.

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Our B2B appointment-setting process aids our clients in scheduling appointments with hot prospects at a reasonable cost in Toronto:

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Here's how we can boost your B2B sales in Toronto in 2023…

In today's competitive business landscape in Toronto, relying on outdated methods that don't guarantee consistent results can harm your brand visibility and growth. That's where we step in.

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Get in front of the right prospects

We’ll identify which segment of your target market and decision-makers is worth going after. We’ll then manually build a prospect list that factors in intent and psychographic data so that our campaign is spot on.

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Make them an irresistible offer

We'll delve into your ideal customer profile (ICP), uncover their pain points, and understand the emotions these challenges trigger. Then, we'll create a tailored offer that directly addresses their needs and positions your business as the ultimate solution.

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We'll transform leads into loyal customers

Once the offer resonates with them, we’ll then book a sales call with them, add them to your CRM, and you’ll do what you know best, which is convince them that you’re the ONE.

Want a more in-depth look into our lead generation setting processes and strategies? Here are some of our lead generation case studies...

These lead generation case studies go through our approach and how it applies to some of our B2B clients.

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How to Email a CEO: The Strategy We Use to Get Replies from Rand Fishkin, Ramit Sethi, Noah Kagan, and other $10M+ Company CEOs  

Want to know the strategy we use to get replies from Rand Fishkin, Ramit Sethi, Noah Kagan, and other $10M+ Company CEOs? Learn here how to email a CEO. 

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Event Email Marketing: How We Helped a Service-Based Business Generate 1200+ Event Attendees In One Week

Event Email Marketing: How We Helped a Service-Based Business Generate 1200+ Event Attendees In One Week

Wondering how to promote your event using email marketing? Here's a case study on Event Email Marketing, and we generated 1,200+ event attendees in a week.

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Executive Email: 5 Ways We Write Cold Emails That Get CMOs’ Attention

Executive Email: 5 Ways We Write Cold Emails That Get CMOs’ Attention

Want to get positive replies from your cold emails to executives or c-levels? In this case study, you'll learn how to write executive emails that work and generate leads.

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How does our Toronto lead gen agency work?

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Each of our plans runs in a 1-month cycle and comes with a money-back guarantee.

See what our customers say about us...

Great lead generation is 30% writing, 30% targeting the right people, 40% understanding the target audience and their pain points. Our customers in the Toronto area love that we tick these boxes.

Mackenzi's testimonial for Nerdy Joe, e-commerce marketing agency

Mackenzi Leinder

Director of Sales at MindFire, Inc.

The copy Ernest writes is engaging, creative, relevant, timely, amazing at eliciting response and motivation of action, the list goes on. Beyond the work he produces, Ernest is a pleasure to work with! He's kind, a team player, full of ideas, and an asset to the team.

Irina's testimonial for Nerdy Joe, e-commerce marketing agency

Irina Maltseva

Head of Marketing at

Ernest is a very talented writer and online marketer. While working on the content for Hunter, I was amazed at how easily Ernest explains complex things, illustrating them with examples based on his diversified experience. It's always a pleasure to work with him.

What the FAQ

Have a question in mind about our Toronto-based lead gen agency but can't see it listed? Chill, just click on the "Check all FAQ" button, and you're all covered.

0 - What is lead generation?

Establishing a sales pipeline encompasses stimulating and producing interest in a good or service through the B2B lead generation process. It tries to pique the interest of consumers while collecting data from those potential customers for upcoming business opportunities.

This procedure often begins when a prospective client, or "lead," expresses interest in the goods or services that a business is offering. Numerous techniques can be used to do this, including social media, event marketing, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, and others.

In order for the sales team to follow up for more contact once the lead has been discovered, data is gathered and entered into a lead management system or customer relationship management system (CRM).

1 - How much do lead generation agencies specialized in Toronto charge?

Sadly, discovering lead generating providers that are open about the various service tiers and associated pricing on their website is rare. Costs of lead generation are not always foreseeable.

The cost of these services varies greatly from agency to agency because it typically depends on experience, technological know-how, team size, specific campaign needs, and anticipated results.

Various pricing strategies are employed by various businesses. Some companies charge flat prices, while others charge customers per lead. Based on the campaign's duration, the amount of work required, or the scope of the project, there are multiple costing formulas available.

Before they start working with you, certain lead generating companies could request upfront payments or a commitment to a minimum amount of service time.

Having said that, our study suggests that the price of lead generation services on a monthly basis might be somewhere from $100 and $50,000. The agency you select, the outcomes you want, and the reputation of your business all have a big impact on the final price.

Open pricing is supported by Joe the Nerd. We are aware that your primary goals when working with a lead generation firm are to generate leads, add prospective customers to your sales pipeline, and schedule meetings or sales opportunities with genuinely interested prospects.

As a result, we offer three simple packages at pre-set, flat rates that you pay for the services on a monthly basis. For $499, you receive 2 sales-qualified leads. For $999, you receive 6 sales-qualified prospects. We also offer 15 sales-qualified leads for $1,999.

2 - Do you provide Toronto-specific lead data when doing lead generation?

Absolutely! Nevertheless, we keep improving.

We employ customer information or sales intelligence tools like ZoomInfo or Lusha rather than immediately compiling lists of customers and spamming them with impersonal, pointless messages. 

The extent to which we comprehend the needs of your target client is what determines our ability to generate leads. We probe you in a variety of illuminating ways to aid us comprehend who your product or service is intended for and why they are your ideal clients in order to achieve this. 

In order to find possible leads in your market, if Toronto is your target market, we conduct extensive research using the data from your comments. Then, we start a focused outreach campaign to try and engage and draw these leads. You will thus have additional business opportunities.

3 - How does your lead generation process allow you to be compliant with international data privacy laws?

Nerdy Joe prioritizes adhering to all applicable national and international guidelines for anti-spam and data privacy as well as local Toronto laws. In all of our processes for collecting, keeping, and processing data, we take care to safeguard each person's right to privacy and to adhere to all relevant legal obligations.

4 - What are the best lead generation agencies in Toronto?

In Toronto, there are numerous reputable lead generation companies. Here are just a few of the best choices. 

  • Nerdy Joe
  • Belkins
  • Cleverly
  • Treemont Consulting
  • DJM Sales & Marketing.
  • Invenio Solutions.
  • Everise
  • Impactable
  • EBQ
  • And more. 

Though some of the lead generation businesses on the list may not be in Toronto, they have the staff and knowledge necessary to fully comprehend your lead creation goals and provide excellent results.

5 - What is a lead generation agency, and why do I need one for my Toronto business?

Identifying and cultivating potential clients for a company's goods or services is the function of a lead generating agency. To locate, interact with, and qualify leads—potential customers—they employ a variety of techniques, plans, and tools. This opens up sales options for enterprises. 

One cannot stress the value of working with a lead generation firm.

  • Time-saving: It takes a long time to generate leads. By outsourcing to a lead generation company, you may focus on your core business activities. Your salespeople will spend more time and energy closing deals than they will cultivating leads.
  • Expertise: Lead generation companies are equipped and knowledgeable to put ideas into practice that you might not have or be aware of. 
  • Cost-effective: Even while it might be costly to hire a lead generation business, you'll get more qualified leads as a result than if you did it yourself.
  • Scalability:  As your business develops, a Toronto lead generating company can adjust its services to meet your changing needs.

6 - How do you get Toronto-based qualified leads with lead generation?

Regardless of where you are in the world, we think that creating an ideal customer profile that is in line with your goals and product requires a thorough grasp of your target market in order to generate leads effectively.

Our primary focus is to comprehend your product, its target market, and the resultant demand from them. Even the inspiration behind starting your firm will be covered in the information.

Therefore, if Toronto is your target market, our technique requires in-depth research to identify relevant locals (who fit your ICP). Then, to obtain important information, we painstakingly compile a list and carefully examine each profile.

Then, in order to capture their interest and turn them into devoted customers for your company, we develop a customized marketing campaign

7 - How do I start a lead generation campaign?

With Nerdy Joe, establishing a lead generation campaign is straightforward. Select the one of the three options on our price page that best corresponds to your budget and your company's needs.

As soon as you register and accept the offer to join, we create a project on Basecamp for you. As we continue our in-depth conversation, we discuss important topics like your target market, ideal customer profile, and other things to fully understand your objectives.

In order to successfully carry out a campaign on your behalf, we'll also need your account credentials, depending on whether we're using LinkedIn or cold email. We make an effort to ensure that you are aware of how we work so that you can observe our processes in action.

8 - How does Nerdy Joe work?

A discussion about the particulars of the client's industry and the distinctive features of their goods or services is the first step in every new lead generation campaign at Nerdy Joe. We better grasp their wants and objectives for lead creation as a result of this dialogue.

The conversations that follow try to understand their specific company objectives and goals in order to tailor our efforts and goals. We perform in-depth research to determine your ICP and buyer profile after acquiring a complete understanding.

We also warm up or prepare them to make sure that your domains (or LinkedIn account) appropriately reflect your brand and are appealing to your target audience. Our professional staff then develops the outreach messages while taking into consideration the particular requirements of each recipient.

Building relationships with clients and nurturing prospects are our top goals because they promote continuing engagement and foster connections that lead to conversions.

To sum up, our strategy comprises locating leads in your target market, getting in touch with them, and building relationships with them over time with the ultimate goal of converting them into loyal and profitable customers for your company.

9 - How long will it take to get results?

As you are no doubt aware, the initial stages of every B2B lead generation campaign involve testing, making sense of data, and strategy fine-tuning. This approach allows us to identify the strategy that will produce the best results.

Each business may experience a distinct period of time before beginning to see results. Some firms can succeed right away, while others will have to wait a few weeks before they start getting a lot of leads.

There is one thing you can count on from us: we consistently deliver results for the first month of your campaign.

10 - How fast do you start working?

When you initially sign up for our services, we greet you with a festive array of happy emojis in our Campfire chat.

You get a request to collaborate with us on our Basecamp platform as we design a unique project for your business.

Next, a detailed discussion of your campaign's objectives, ICP, and other essential components follows. To preserve brand coherence and favorable opinions, we could ask permission to access your accounts and domains.

After the research is complete, we launch a series of tests to discover which messages and offers your target demographic responds to the most favorably.

11 - What is your lead generation process, and what makes you different?

To thoroughly describe our method, a different post might be needed. However, like other businesses, ours can be distilled down to a few crucial lead generation phases. Here's a quick summary of it, though:

  • Market research: To collect essential data, we thoroughly research your target market and your competitors.
  • ICP identification and buyer persona creation: With you, we will discuss and conduct further research to nail your ICP and identify the buyer personas. This step ensures our cold outreach efforts are precisely targeted and effective.
  • Lead research: Using our expertise and powers to identify potential leads in your target market on LinkedIn or anywhere else online and manually build a list of prospects.
  • Customized outreach: We craft personalized cold emails and cold email sequences aimed to captivate and boost interaction.
  • Continuous engagement: In order to progressively gain their trust and confidence, we want to interact with potential consumers and engage with them.

Basically, that is all. By employing this technique, you improve your chances of engaging with potential leads and converting them into paying clients.

12 - How to hire a lead generation agency?

When you're considering employing a lead generating company, we advise getting in touch with a few companies that complement your brand to find out more about their services.

Look at their history, performance, warranties, customers, and success rate. When choosing a course of action, objectives and available resources should both be taken into account.

Ask detailed questions regarding the quantity, quality, cost, and possible conversions of leads.

You are welcome to have a talk with us at Nerdy Joe, as well. We are ready to answer all your questions and provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

13 - Why should I hire a Toronto-specific lead generation agency?

Hiring a lead generating business with market knowledge in Toronto might increase your chances of obtaining high-quality leads due to their staff's familiarity with local dynamics.

Remember that not all agencies will have their main offices in Toronto or even in the United States. The agency needs to be equipped with the skills necessary to function successfully in your target market, locate, and connect with the most suitable prospects wherever they may be.

Nerdy Joe is the best choice for lead generation especially targeted to businesses in Toronto or anywhere else because of how we identify your ideal client profile and do lead research.

Regardless of the industry we're in, we never give up trying to fully comprehend your proposals and connect you with the appropriate people. We can continuously produce outstanding results because of this.

14 - How can I ensure recipients open and read my messages?

It is generally recognized that valuable and engaging messages are key to capturing people's attention. But if you're trying to connect with people you don't yet know, we've discovered that this might not be enough on its own. 

The initial interaction and impression have a big impact on how a potential lead responds to cold marketing. As a result, we take great care to comprehend each ICP in its entirety and choose the appropriate accounts for each ICP. 

Our team conducts in-depth research on each person, gathering data that enables us to personalize the cold emails we send. We ensure that our messages effectively grab and hold the attention of their recipients by doing this.

15 - How do you measure the effectiveness of a lead generation campaign?

At Nerdy Joe, we measure the effectiveness of our lead generation campaigns through meaningful lead generation performance indicators, like the number of leads generated, the quality of these leads, and conversion rates.

We ascertain your precise objectives and what constitutes a noteworthy accomplishment for you right away. We think that the success of your LinkedIn lead production activities was primarily determined by the number of leads created. 

When we work with you as a partner, we take into account the traits of your company, the product, and your target market. 

The amount of people who sign up for your product, the number of accountants who ask for a demo, and the number of people interested in talking about sales or transactions are all crucial signs if you're selling a FinTech software product to accountants. 

Our main goal is to connect you with clients who are ready and willing to make a purchase. Important details regarding your investment and return on investment (ROI) are provided by these indicators. 

While indicators such as response rate or open rate are useful for identifying problem areas and planning our next steps, they don't provide a complete picture of how the campaign is performing overall. 

Unfortunately, despite producing results, many lead generation companies merely highlight these qualities.

16 - Do I need to outsource my lead generation?

The outcomes are greater if lead generation is delegated to a reputable business like Nerdy Joe, but it is viable to manage lead generation internally as well. 

In addition to their knowledge and creativity, agencies could save you a ton of time. According to sales studies, salespeople only spend about 12% of their time actually closing deals and the majority of that time prospecting and investigating possible new clients. 

These tasks can be assumed by B2B lead generation services like ours who generate leads. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and experience, we can quickly find and connect with new clients, saving your sales personnel time and resources. 

This will save your team time and effort while ensuring that the lead creation processes are followed correctly. Additionally, it boosts productivity while allowing your sales force to focus on their strongest competencies, such as closing deals and face-to-face selling.

17 - How do I increase my lead generation response rate?

The low response rate of a lead generation campaign might be caused by a variety of circumstances. These include, among other things, unattractive offerings, audience preferences, bad profiles, weak messages, and poor audience targeting.

So, to resolve these issues before they ever surface, we adopt a proactive approach. A/B testing is the first thing we do to identify which offers and marketing strategies work best with your target market. This offers us the chance to tweak the campaign and alter our tactics for better results.

We also take various approaches to contacting your target audience into account. The development of a go-to-market strategy that works best for your business and its unique target market is our ultimate goal.