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Done for you lead generation for busy B2B companies

Our done-for-you lead generation agency helps B2B brands predictably get highly qualified leads without spending top dollar on unreliable SDRs.

qualified leads we obtained for our lead generation agency clients

Our done for you lead generation process helps our clients generate warm leads at: 

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Here’s how we can help you in 2023… 

We’re in times of uncertainty. Investing in tactics that don’t yield predictable results is risky for your business, and our role is to help you solve that.

Lead generation agency

Get in front of the right prospects

We’ll identify which segment of your target market and decision makers is worth going after. We’ll then manually build a prospect list that factor in intent and psychographic data so that our campaign is spot on.

Cold email agency

Make them an irresistible offer

We’ll determine what’s our ICPs’ pain points, what emotions each of the pain points triggers, and how this is key to the success of their job.  We’ll then craft an offer that fits, and they can’t say no to.

Email marketing agency

Book meetings and close them

Once the offer resonates with them, we’ll then book a sales call with them, add them to your CRM, and you’ll do what you know best, which is convince them that you’re the ONE. 

Want a more in-depth look into our processes and strategies? Here are some of our case studies...

These cold email case studies go through our approach and how that applies to some of our B2B clients.

how to email a ceo: the strategy we use to get replies from $10M+ company ceos

How to Email a CEO: The Strategy We Use to Get Replies from Rand Fishkin, Ramit Sethi, Noah Kagan, and other $10M+ Company CEOs  

Want to know the strategy we use to get replies from Rand Fishkin, Ramit Sethi, Noah Kagan, and other $10M+ Company CEOs? Learn here how to email a CEO. 

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Executive Email: 5 Ways We Write Cold Emails That Get CMOs’ Attention

Executive Email: 5 Ways We Write Cold Emails That Get CMOs’ Attention

Want to get positive replies from your cold emails to executives or c-levels? In this case study, you'll learn how to write executive emails that work and generate leads.

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How does our done for you lead generation agency work?

Subscribing to our lead generation services and appointment setting services is pretty much straightforward. See it for yourself 👀.

high quality leads and more leads from ideal prospects

1 Choose a subscription and pay

more leads from ideal prospects and linkedin lead generation

2 Get a Basecamp invite

our email marketing and sales funnel is on point and gets you ideal clients

3 Campaign launch

our sales funnel and email marketing is focused on personalized messages and generating leads for your sales team

4 Get results

Choose a plan that's right for you.

Each of our plans runs in a 1-month cycle and comes with a money-back guarantee.

See what our customers say about us...

Great lead generation is 30% writing, 30% targeting the right people, 40% understanding the target audience and their pain points. Our customers love that we tick these boxes.

Mackenzi's testimonial for Nerdy Joe, e-commerce marketing agency

Mackenzi Leinder

Director of Sales at MindFire, Inc.

The copy Ernest writes is engaging, creative, relevant, timely, amazing at eliciting response and motivation of action, the list goes on. Beyond the work he produces, Ernest is a pleasure to work with! He's kind, a team player, full of ideas, and an asset to the team.

Irina's testimonial for Nerdy Joe, e-commerce marketing agency

Irina Maltseva

Head of Marketing at

Ernest is a very talented writer and online marketer. While working on the content for Hunter, I was amazed at how easily Ernest explains complex things, illustrating them with examples based on his diversified experience. It's always a pleasure to work with him.

What the FAQ

Have a question in mind but can't see it listed? Chill, just click on the "Check all FAQ" button and you're all covered.

0 - What do you consider qualified leads?

Each company has its own sales process. And depending on the process, the definition of a lead can vary from one company to another. 

Maybe for you, a lead is someone who shows interest in your product. Or maybe a lead is someone who goes directly to your sales department and asks for a call.

At Nerdy Joe, we don't have a one-size-fits-all approach to lead generation campaigns. We understand that every company is unique, and we try to adapt to your definition of a lead.  

So if a lead to you means someone who has booked a call, we will get you that type of lead. 

On the other hand, if a lead for you is someone who requests a demo, we will work to fill your sales pipeline with that request. 

Learn here how to vet and hire a lead generation agency.

1 - How much does your done-for-you lead generation cost?

We have three plans, and each clearly defines what the deliverables are.

  • Silver: This one costs $499 and offers you 2 leads per month. This plan is for small businesses with a shoestring budget who want to test their value proposition and target audience. This plan offers not only 2 leads but also gives you insights as to what messaging works best for your audience.
  • Gold: This plan costs $999 and gives you 6 high-quality leads. This plan is suited for businesses in need of an SDR or outreach specialist to scale their sales. For a fraction of a sales rep’s salary, it gets you predictable leads on a monthly basis.
  • Platinum: Once you’ve figured out your positioning, messaging, and target market, this plan is best for you. For $1,999, you get 15 leads on a monthly basis through our multi-step outreach, including LinkedIn outreach and cold outreach.
  • creating systems helps us closing deals and booked appointments through marketing automation

2 - Where does your contact list come from?

Most digital marketing and lead generation agencies rely on data sources like ZoomInfo, Lusha, UpLeads, etc. 

We don’t believe these tools are accurate in terms of identifying your ideal customer profile. What they’re good at is providing you with technographic and demographic information.

They don’t provide intent data or psychographic data. And that’s the type of information we use for our lead generation campaigns. 

So, instead of purchasing leads from these providers, we build our list manually. We do a great job of running ICP hypotheses, split testing, and identifying their pain point. We then go ahead and build the list off of that information. 

As we run our lead generation campaign and validate or nullify hypotheses, we get a clearer view of who the ideal target customers are.

3 - How does it work?

You have to choose which plan is suited to your needs and pay. Once you pay, you’ll get a receipt and invoice and you will be automatically added to our Basecamp, where we manage projects. 

Depending on your availability, the next day following your onboarding, we’ll have a kickoff where we ask you questions about your ICP, customer pain points, etc. 

The goal is to understand what’s the most worthy segment we should go after and why. 

Basically, 24 hours after the call, we’ll get back to you with our learnings and hypotheses. Once you confirm, we’ll then go ahead and build the list and launch the campaign. 

4 - How many emails do you send?

Unlike most lead generation programs, the success of our campaigns doesn’t depend on how many emails we send. 

It happens that we send emails to up to 500 people, but most times, we don’t go past 200 people before hitting our sales leads quota.

We really invest a lot in nailing the offer, value prop, messaging, and call to action. Once these things fall into place, even with 50 leads, you can get 10% positive responses straight. 

5 - How many hot leads do you generate per month?

It really depends on which of our lead generation pricing plans you choose. But basically, it goes as follows:

  • 2 leads

  • 6 leads 

  • 15 leads

Have any questions about our pricing? Feel free to reach out to us via our chatbot. 

6 - Do you do LinkedIn lead generation?

Yes, we do combine cold outreach with LinkedIn outreach. Although we usually run 80% cold emails and 20% LinkedIn messages, we try our best to adapt to our clients’ needs. 

Meaning if we come to the conclusion that Linkedin is the best channel to generate leads for your business, we’ll make sure to double down on that. 

Also, regardless of the channel, we always send personalized messages to your ideal prospects.

7 - What is your cold outreach process?

Before creating Nerdy Joe, we used to run a content marketing agency where we used cold outreach to fuel growth. We iterated our processes and tactics to make sure we never spam our target audience.

The main reason we never outsourced lead generation is that we don’t align with how most lead generation companies go about lead generation. So, we decided to do things differently. 

Learn more about why we set out to create the best cold email agency and how we’re different from other lead gen companies.

8 - Who’s responsible for lead generation?

Every cold email campaign is managed by our in-house experts, who spent years learning best practices when it comes to B2B lead generation.  

Ernest, our CEO, also personally checks and makes sure every campaign is up to our standards.

9 - Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Our pricing is set in such a way you know exactly what to expect when you subscribe. At the end of the day, if we fail to satisfy our promise, we'll give you your money back for the number of leads we failed to get.

And if you're happy, you keep the monthly retainer going.

10 - How long will it take to get results?

It's hard to say, but from the moment you subscribe to a plan, we have 30 days to deliver the number of B2B leads, SQLs, or meetings you sign up for. 

So, it can happen that we hit your quota within the first week or in the 4th week. In any case, we have a month to make it happen.  

11 - How fast do you start working?

As soon as you subscribe to a plan, we'll automatically add you to a Basecamp project. We start working the same day or the next, depending on how fast you provide us with the information we request. 

12 - Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time SDR?

According to ZipRecruiter, an SDR makes between $48,000 and $95,000 per year. Factoring in the bonuses and comps, that amount can go up to $120,000.

Paying this amount does not guarantee that your sales rep will hit their SQLs goals or even bring in deals that will ROI your spending.

 On the contrary, working with Nerdy Joe means you pay 5 to 15 times less and know precisely what you're paying for depending on your chosen plan. 

Meet the team...

We're a smart bunch of dedicated and result-driven marketers whose sole purpose is to provide enough value to you, our customers.

Ernest Bio Bogore, CEO lead generation agency

Ernest Bogore


Ernest is an avid marketer. He's worked with brands like Banzai,, Appsumo, Vidico, etc. He owns several online businesses, most of which he's grown by leveraging his knowledge of cold email and email marketing. Previously, he worked as an Email Marketing Specialist at MindFire, where he wrote impactful copy for them.

Ibrahim Litinine, head of content at lead generation agency

Ibrahim Litinine

Head of Growth

Ibrahim is a copywriter who focuses on emails and newsletters. He wanted to be an NBA player but figured it'd be unfair to SaaS and e-commerce companies needing emails that tell their stories and sell. So, he let Ja Morant play and watch. Meanwhile, he's helping brands increase revenue through email and newsletter automation.

Funmito, marketing coordinator lead generation agency

Funmito Obafemi

Marketing Coordinator

Funmito is a creative genius who takes pride in creating marketing campaigns that stand out and generate results. Her day-to-day at Nerdy Joe consists of creating high-impact content and identifying growth opportunities for client accounts. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music or ranting on Twitter.

Ryan Raiker, advisor at digital marketing company, Nerdy Joe

Ryan Raiker, MBA

Growth Advisor

Ryan is currently the Sr Director of Product Marketing at ABBYY. He is an accomplished business consultant with experience working with small and medium enterprises and state and local governments. He advises Nerdy Joe on best practices for lead generation and growth marketing to improve the results we achieve for our clients.