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We're a lead generation & email marketing agency that helps businesses like yours:

  • Fill your pipeline with more meetings.

  • Generate more revenue and decrease CAC.

  • Win back lost customers and improve customer loyalty.

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We get results for these companies and more....

email marketing miamiHunter, client of our enterprise email marketing agencyFoundation, client of our email marketing agencyBluerush, client of our e-commerce email marketing agencyVidico, client of our b2b email marketing agencyBanzai, client of our saas email marketing agency

Still wondering how we can help you? Well, let's see...

Unlock your next level of growth by working with us in any of the following areas.

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Email Marketing

Whether it's welcome emails, cart abandonment emails, behavioral emails, or even email marketing campaigns for special occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc we got you covered. Oh, we can also help you generate email ideas as part of your email marketing strategy.

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List Building

Tired of spending tons of cash on ads? We can help you build your email list from scratch and start reaping the benefits within the first few months. From strategy to lead magnet deployment to email list segmentation, we are the solution you need.

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Cold Email

Forget about gurus who recommend you to send thousands of cold emails per day. That's SPAM in all its glory. Instead, we send hyper-personalized emails and charge you per booked meeting, so you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Choose a plan that's right for you.

Each of our plans runs in a 1-month cycle and comes with a money-back guarantee.


Market Leader

This plan works best for mid-level e-commerce and SaaS brands looking to have full control of their lifecycle revenue.

  • As many sequences as needed
  • Fully done-for-you email marketing
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Email deliverability management
  • List building & segmentation strategy
  • Weekly reports
  • Weekly strategy calls



This plan works best if you have one-off emails to send to your list.

  • 1 email copy
  • HTML-style or plain text
  • Subject lines A & B
  • Preview texts A & B
  • Call to actions A & B
  • Optimization for mobile
  • 1 revision
  • 1 - 2 days turnaround


Outbound Machine

This plan is ideal for mid-level and enterprise businesses that want to scale their sales with more meetings.

  • 15 meetings per month
  • Fully done-for-you lead generation
  • Outbound campaign strategy
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Email deliverability monitoring
  • Weekly strategy meeting
  • Weekly reports



This plan is ideal for companies who want to test their product offerings against market standards.

  • 1 meeting booked per month
  • Identifying your ideal customer profile
  • Lead research & validation
  • Email deliverability management
  • Weekly reporting

How does Nerdy Joe work?

Subscribing to our email marketing and lead generation services is pretty much straightforward. See it for yourself πŸ‘€.

email marketing services New York

1 You choose a subscription and pay

email marketing services California

2 You get a Basecamp invite

email marketing services Los Angeles

3 We plan your campaign

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4 We'll work on getting you the results

Try our free email marketing tools

Want to spruce up your email marketing campaigns but don't know where to start? Use our free tools as a starting point.

Subject Lines Generator

You want better conversions but have no idea what to write. Try our Subject Lines Generator

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See why our customers love Nerdy Joe

Mackenzi's testimonial for Nerdy Joe, e-commerce marketing agency

Mackenzi Leinder

Director of Sales at MindFire, Inc.

The copy Ernest writes is engaging, creative, relevant, timely, amazing at eliciting response and motivation of action, the list goes on. Beyond the work he produces, Ernest is a pleasure to work with! He's kind, a team player, full of ideas, and an asset to the team.

Irina's testimonial for Nerdy Joe, e-commerce marketing agency

Irina Maltseva

Head of Marketing at

Ernest is a very talented writer and online marketer. While working on the content for Hunter, I was amazed at how easily Ernest explains complex things, illustrating them with examples based on his diversified experience. It's always a pleasure to work with him.

What the FAQ

Have a question in mind but can't see it listed? Chill, just click on the "Check all FAQ" button and you're all covered.

0 - How does this work?

  1. You choose the plan that suits you best.
  2. After checking out, you will receive an email within a few minutes. This email contains information on how to join our Basecamp.
  3. After joining Basecamp, you will receive a message about how we'll kick off.
  4. We start working, and you get regular reports on campaign performance.

1 - How many leads will I get?

It depends on the plan you chose.

But one thing you can be sure of: we don't charge you per cold email sent — in fact, we don't believe in vanity metrics.

You pay depending on the number of meetings we put on your calendar πŸ“… . 

2 - What if I'm not satisfied?

We take pride in offering stellar service. But sometimes, it might happen that we miss our goal.

In that case, we'll work until we fulfill our part of the contract. And if we fail, we'll give you your money back!

3 - Do I have to sign a contract?

No contract.

We are a subscription-based service. You can stop using our service whenever you want.

Meet the magicians at work...

We're a smart bunch of dedicated and result-driven marketers whose sole purpose is to provide enough value to you, our customers.

Ryan Raiker, advisor at digital marketing company, Nerdy Joe

Ryan Raiker, MBA


Ryan is currently the Sr Director of Product Marketing at ABBYY. He is an accomplished business consultant with experience working with small and medium enterprises and state and local governments. He advises Nerdy Joe on best practices for lead generation and growth marketing to improve the results we achieve for our clients.

Ernest Bio Bogore, Head of email at SaaS email marketing agency and saas email marketing platform Nerdy Joe

Ernest Bogore

Head of Email

Ernest is an avid marketer. He's worked with brands like Banzai,, Appsumo, Vidico, etc. He owns several online businesses, most of which he's grown by leveraging his knowledge of cold email and email marketing. Previously, he worked as an Email Marketing Specialist at MindFire, where he wrote impactful copy for them.

Adechina, Content Marketing at Nerdy Joe, Saas email marketing agency.

Adechina Odjo

Content Marketer

Adechina used to dream of becoming the next Ronaldinho, but here he is, knee-deep and well-versed in content marketing. He’s worked with ABM and email marketing trailblazers and has built his own SEO translation agency from the ground up, thanks to email marketing. He still loves soccer, but he’s given up on his childhood dream.

Ibrahim Litinine, email specialist at email marketing services utah, UTAH media group,

Ibrahim Litinine

Email Specialist

Ibrahim is a copywriter who focuses on emails and newsletters. He wanted to be an NBA player but figured it'd be unfair to SaaS and e-commerce companies needing emails that tell their stories and sell. So, he let Ja Morant play and watch. Meanwhile, he's helping brands increase revenue through email and newsletter automation.